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Shoe Girl.

April 9, 2006

 A friend of mine has 147 pairs of shoes. She’s not a millipede, she’s just a fashion-oriented woman who likes to co-ordinate her attire down to her feet. This requires buying lots of shoes to go with each outfit. But more to the point, she really loves shoes.

But then a lot of women are like this, I mean Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe mania created a lot of script fodder for Sex in the City. Carrie is supposed to represent many women today, right? But still, it’s a source of humor or at least curiosity.

I don’t see any harm in being a shoe girl (unless you’re a guy). In fact, I say, if you are a shoe girl, you should go for it! I mean, be sensible, don’t sacrifice everything and become a dictator’s wife or anything just so you can buy 6000 pairs of shoes, but several hundred pairs is not out of line.

It’s like anything in you’re life that you are intense about; it’s a passion (and maybe a fetish). And passions should be embraced. So if you are a shoe girl, make room in those closets, build an annex and go to town! Mix and match, splurge on Prada, Gucci or Miu Miu. You only live once and while you are living you should have nice shoes.


Surfing Attire: what do you wear while in front of the computer?

April 3, 2006

If you know that you are going to be spending several hours or more in front of the computer, what do you wear? I mean, this is an important question. It might be that someone has created the ultimate wardrobe for computer use and the rest of the world is in the dark!

Are you a pajamas type? Sweatshirt and cut-off jean shorts? Perhaps you dress up for the occasion? Maybe you enjoy spandex with your surfing goodness? I suspect that there are as many different variations in surfing or gaming or home-work attire as there are colors in the rainbow. I expect that the colors overlap as well.

Me? Since it’s cooler in my basement, my wardrobe of choice includes comfortable Levis blue jeans, a long sleeve button-down shirt with a t-shirt (usually not white), white socks with beat up Asics gell running shoes and a brown or black cardigan sweater. Sometimes I will substitute khakis for the jeans and then loafers and dress socks for the sneakers, but that’s only when I have something important to do.

Oh, I know, dressed like that, I’m sure to make the cover of GQ any day now. I’m not too worried though; I don’t have a video camera trained on me while I’m in the basement. That’s a good thing for so many reasons. But with YouTube, I suppose could make a video…