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FNPL #41

June 19, 2009

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Tonight’s hosts:  Rym, Scott, David, Jason, Alex, Luke and Thaed.  Thanks to Sonic for coming aboard as our new editor.  Here are the topics:

–Neutrinos, radioactive decay and the Earth’s core.
–Steampunk band Abney Park and the nature of this movement today.
Bolt some smelly brass on an ipod and call it steampunk?
–Ask the economist.

We had technical problems tonight.  The outtakes are almost as long as the show.

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Friday Night Party Line #40.

April 2, 2009

This was recorded on 2/13/2009 and features David, Kelly, Jason & Thaed.

–Economic down-turn and Open Source.  Will it help or hurt?

–(From David)  “The big things don’t love you back.  They take and take, and never give in return.  They’ll drain your blood, your soul, and never let you go.”  The Postman by David Brin.

–If your lifestyle uses a lot of gas and electricity, but you can afford it, should you change your lifestyle to conserve energy? Say you like driving Hummers, your house costs a fortune to heat and you run a hot tub year round. But you have the money, so it has no impact on you financially?  Is this wrong?

–In his book “Brain Rules” John Medina advocates putting treadmills in the classroom because exercise improves mental acuity.  He believes ancient humans walked 12 miles a day and we should too.  Is this

–Contests held to improve technology dates back to contests in England to see who could design the best locomotive.  Now, we have DARPA prizes, the X-Prize and a host of others.  Should there be a prize for every single societal problem?  Should we have a cure malaria prize?  A stop homelessness prize?

–(From Jason) Big corporations are using viral media like “leaked videos” (which are actually produced) like the Kobe Bryant kiddie pool dunk video from Nike and the “fake” music videos which pretend to be indie but are actually backed by a major record label.  Are major commercial and advertising studios intimidated by the amateur video & audio movement?

–Ask the economist.Direct download: FNPL_40_final.mp3

Friday Night Party Line #39.

February 8, 2009

It’s been out for several days, but I never posted it here because I’m ungodly lazy.

Kelly rejoins the cast including Scott, Rym, Luke and Thaed.  Here are the topics:

–“I let it run overnight” is a fun google search.  What things things do you like to let run overnight and with what results?  What would you like to be able to let run overnight?

–What about a computer game for misers and jerks?  It would allow you to amass huge amounts of wealth, palaces and AI bots to order around. You start out by being born into royalty and deal with the intrigue of
Louis the XIV.  Or something.  Or just a sandbox where you can horde, order and abuse at will.  AI slaves!  Millions of them.  That’s it. If we can’t have robot slaves, we can have AI slaves. Would it sell?

–In a cage match between Naomi Klein and Ann Coulter, who would win?

–How the economic crisis is affecting podcasting.

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Friday Night Party Line #38.

January 10, 2009

And we’re back with a record number of co-hosts!  Tonight features David, Ray, Scott, Rym, Viga, Timo, Jason, Luke and Thaed.  Here are the topics:

–What kind of pen do you use?  Do you write mostly in script or print?  Check out:

— Discuss one interesting side project you plan on working on in 2009.

–There’s a famous computer science lecture running around on the internet that says that you have to almost create a split personality in your head, devoid of any preconceptions, to properly learn programming.  The teacher calls this concept “radical novelty.”  Have you encountered it?  What are your thoughts.

–Ask the Economist

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Friday Night Party Line #37.

November 22, 2008

Tonight’s hosts are David, Rym, Scott and Thaed along with newcomers Luke and Jason.  Here are the topics:

–Craigslist is destroying newspapers.  But is it really more of a question of the interface?  You don’t need the paper, you can get what you want online.  But what happens when we can receive information wirelessly directly into our heads.  What happens when the interface melts away?  You don’t need television, radio, phones or even computers assuming brain communication is two-way.  Moreover, if you can get sensory information this way with greater resolution than your five senses provide, what happens next?

–Carl Jacobi is known for using inversion to achieve insight and to solve problems.  The idea is that you look at a problem backwards or from another person’s perspective to work it out.  Have you tried this?  Does it work for you?

–In developing AI, where do self-teaching algorithm or genetic algorithm come into play?  Where is AI development going today?  What are the latest advancements?  How long before we all have robot

–What is the future of theater, concerts, circuses, sports and other types of live performance entertainment?  Do people need to gather in meatspace and be entertained?  Is the economy (or the Internet) going to shut this down?  Is live entertainment doomed?

–Ask the economist.

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Friday Night Party Line #36.

October 25, 2008

We have a full house with David, Viga, Scott, Rym, Timo and Thaed.  Here are the topics:

–Is it best to live as close to reality as possible?  Should you lie to yourself or believe things because you like to believe them just to get yourself through the rough spots?  If you don’t like your personal history, should you rewrite it in your mind?
–Is monastic life desirable?  Does it allow for greater focus on intellectual pursuits?
–How much of randomness in life can be controlled, influenced or avoided?
–Is fantastic wealth a form of death?  If you eliminate the pursuit of wealth from a person’s life, does it kill motivation and purpose in that person?
–Is it ever possible to step outside one’s self to see ourselves as others see us?  If you could, would you?
–If you were a pig farmer, how would you run your business?
–Ask the economist and physicist.

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Friday Night Party Line #35.

September 27, 2008

Hmmm, it seems that I have not blogged in 2 weeks.  Ah well.

Timo the Physicist is our special guest!  David, Scott, Rym and Thaed round out the cast.  This show is devoted entirely to science and economics tonight.

Here are the topics:

Ask the Economist:  new ideas on alternative currencies

Update on the Large Hadron Collider from someone who knows.

Should the government fund pure science?

Is the Black Swan concept important to theoretical modeling?

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Friday Night Party Line 34.

September 13, 2008

David, Scott, Rym & Thaed appeared tonight along with special guest Len from Jawbone Radio.  Here are the topics:

—Do people interact with their neighbors anymore?  Is is seasonal? Does the internet allow like minded people to seek each other out to a greater level of articulation than ever before?  Does that destroy the idea of local community?  Was there ever such a thing as local community?
—Cool robot videos!
How far away are we from having robots that do our household chores? What are the major hurdles remaining?  If you could have a multipurpose humanoid robot, what would you make it do?
—Creating artificial life
Is this something that is helpful to humans?  How far away are we from doing it?  Is there any real danger?
—Does Twitter just distract and annoy?
—Do kids need to take happiness lessons?
—Ask the Economist.  (please think of something to ask David about, if nothing else we’ll talk about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae).

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Friday Night Party Line #33.

August 30, 2008

David, Ray, Viga, Thaed and newcomer Breukelen Bell give you all they’ve got this evening.

Here are the topics:

–What dead stars do you miss and why?
–If you had a machine that would allow you to observe the daily lives of an alien race significantly more advanced than humans, what would you be most curious about in terms of problems they solved and interests that they pursue?
–Free speech for high school students?  Can kids express themselves out of school without repercussions?  Should they be able to?
–The Large Hadron Collider goes online 9/10
What do scientists hope to discover?  Why is this important?  Is there any danger.
–Should you go with your gut feeling?
–The world is now a happier place.  Agree or disagree?

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Friday Night Party Line Episode #31.

July 20, 2008

Tonight’s show features Scott, Rym, Viga & Thaed. Here are the topics:

1. Which is worse: jealousy or greed?
2. Does being in control add happiness to your life? There were some nursing home studies involving patients who were able to care for a plant and others who could control visits from interns doing the study that indicated that having control is essential to happiness (and well being) So we should aspire to control and we should also give people the power to control?
3. Now that I bought a Kindle, version 2 has been announced for the fall. How about it? Are you going to buy one? Why or why not.
4. What are the top 5 things that every human being should do before he or she dies?
5. (Rerun from Episode 13) If you could meet any three celebrities alive today, who would they be? what would you say to them? How would you like to meet? Over dinner? At an event? In your living room?

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