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Santa brought me the Flu and a sense of appreciation.

December 25, 2007

I would say that It’s been a nice holiday here, other than spending much of the last 24 hours in the bathroom. Generally speaking everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves. As I type this lying weakly on the couch, I’m thankful just to have a couch. I’m thankful for all those who put up with me and for all that I have.

Because not everyone goes through life with purpose. Not everyone is able to find his or her way. My brother is going through a rough spot right now and I really can’t help him. He has to do it alone and hopefully he’ll emerge from the experience better for it.

It’s funny when you get the flu sometimes the illness spawns intense dreams. I dreamed I was involved in the project management of a way of handling litigation that had not been done before. I woke up excited about it. Of course, I retained nothing meaningful from the dream other than some motivation to do some work today, despite the holiday.

So this is meandering, disjointed and fairly personal. That’s hardly what I usually do on this blog. I guess the message is to try to peel back the glaze of everyday experience. Look at the people and things that you share existence with and think about how life would be without them. Then be thankful.