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Tonight I fell.

February 27, 2008

As I was unloading my three bags from the back of my van, I took a step back away from the van. I lost my footing and fell. The driveway was snow-covered and slippery; I should have been more careful. I landed on the small of my back. A few inches lower, and I would’ve landed on my ass. That would’ve been a lot less painful.

As I lay there in pain, I could feel my feet and I knew I wasn’t paralyzed. I contemplated yelling for help but I realized that that would have been ridiculous. I slowly pulled myself up and dragged my bags into the house. It wasn’t until some time later that I realized I had a casualty.

In my basement office, I opened the cases. I carry a small personal laptop that I bought last June at Best Buy. It’s a Gateway and it’s been quite good. When I opened it I discovered that the screen had shattered in my fall. I don’t know if I landed on it or if I merely slammed it against the concrete. I called the good people at Gateway. The screen is $500 to repair. Out the door, after-tax, the laptop cost $752.49 new. It doesn’t make sense to repair it.

Despite the destroyed screen, the rest of the laptop works. It has a modest dual core processor and a 160 gig hard drive. It will run an external monitor. So while I no longer have a laptop, I still have a functioning desktop computer. Still as I sit here this evening with a sore back and damaged computer, I’m not very happy. I’m tempted to spend the rest of my saved hobby funds on a new laptop. But then I wouldn’t get to build a new flagship desktop machine. This is what been saving for.

I suppose I need to think about it some more. We’ll see.