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Multitasking over the Holidays.

December 23, 2007

The only way I’m going to get anything done in the brief time that I’m off for the holiday is to do three things at once. And by getting things done, I mean things on my computer. And while being entertained. Here, I’m moving files off my laptop so I can free up some space, I’m blogging and I’m watching Cowboy Beebop. I’ve had the CB disks for 4 years and I have yet to watch the series! Finding time to watch shows I have any interest in is almost impossible. So if I force myself to watch them while I’m doing other stuff (with headphones on), I can do it.

This also keeps me upstairs and sort-of participating with the house full of people that I have. Well, participating in the sense that I’m not in the basement (the headphones might inhibit interactivity a little bit).

Being engrossed in something is one of the highest states of human existence. One way to get engrossed is through sensory overload. I think that that’s happening here. All on a little 14.1 inch laptop too.