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Row Your Boat.

February 13, 2007

I had recorded this for my kids.  Then a post on Scottfree2b’s blog made me upload it and post a comment.  Then, I thought, why should he have all the fun?  He’ll probably think it’s spam!

The Beautiful South.

November 13, 2006

The Beautiful South is a band that I always associate with law school. I saw them live in Cleveland at small club that’s not around anymore. The year I saw them was a heady time as my friends and I were all high on being out of school and finally making money. Some of us were making a lot of money (not me) and taking trips overseas. I don’t talk to anyone from that group anymore. None of them stayed at the jobs where they started and some of them aren’t even in law today.

I remember thinking that the club had so much stuff in it that it could have burned down at any moment. Also, the owner had painted the walls and ceiling black and really didn’t do much with the lighting so we couldn’t see the band so well. It may have ultimately burned down. I don’t remember. It’s been 15 years.

I still have some of their songs on my iPod. You keep it all in is on there. Some of the more unusual tracks are there too, including 36D, my personal favorite.

I thought they weren’t around anymore, but Wikipedia proves they are. They are even on tour, but it doesn’t look like they’re headed to Cleveland this time around. Pity.

Don Ho.

August 8, 2006

Don Ho August 2006

Originally uploaded by Thaed 3.

As I wind down my time in paradise, I have to mention that I saw Don Ho perform while I was here. I know that that may cause some of you to snicker, but I figured, hey, he’s a legend out here and how many times will I get to see a legend? Well, all I’m going to say is that I wish I’d caught his act 20 years ago. I took a pic of him, but I think he should be remembered as he was in his prime.

Topics for Friday Night Party Line for June 16th, 2006.

June 14, 2006

Here are the topics for this week's FNPL.  We're also going to have some and Mechanical Turk updates as well. 

Is the art of the party dead?  When was the last time you went to a good party?  What made it a good party?  Where was it?  How often are there even parties to go to anymore?

What was your most memorable road trip?  Was it positive or negative?  When did it take place?  What kind of vehicle was it?  Where did you go?

What's the worst place you've ever lived?  Why was it so bad?  Who did you live with?  How did you end up there?

There was a NY Times article that equates not breast feeding a baby to smoking or riding a mechanical bull.  Do you agree?

BBC News reports that the US military promoted chemical attacks that would make enemy soldiers want each other physically, give them bad breath or give them chronic gas.  One hopes not all at once.  What do you think about this weapons program from 1994?

What are your favorite podcasts, part II?  We are going to play some podcast promos as well.

Are you excited about music anymore?  We have so many ways to find out about bands now:  My Space, American Idol, Rolling Stone, podcasts, FM radio.  How do you hear about new bands these days?  Do you still go to concerts just to see a specific band?

Do frozen pizzas still suck?  What is your favorite pizza?  How do you rank pizza from Pizza Hut, Dominos, Geppetos, & frozen pizza.

When you fly, do you ask for aisle, window or middle?  Do you mind Southwest's seating policy?  Have you every flown first class?  Have you ever ridden in a Grayhound bus?  What did you think?

Can you name the last 3 moments of real happiness you've had in your life?  Why were you happy? 

Topics for Friday Night Party Line, April 28, 2006.

April 26, 2006

Because we had such great conversation in the last show, we had two topics left over for this week.  We should have Nathan, David and Marc as guests with room for one more.  Here are the topics:

Have you played Brain Age on the Nintendo DS? Can video games or Sudoku or cross-word puzzles really keep you smart or is this more Mozart effect nonsense?

Does clock speed even matter anymore? AMD and Intel continue to compete fiercely to be your computer chip. Is there a need for these new, faster chips? What can you do with them? With the advent of dual core architecture, does it matter what a chip’s GHz rating is?

Those crazy neighbors. How do you like your neighbors? Neighbors come in all sorts of varieties; what’s the ideal type of neighbor for you?

Cell phones part deux. Is the Nokia N93 or N95 the solution to my cell phone woes?

Why can’t we have our own Maker Fair here in Cleveland?

Have you ever been to a comic book, anime, science fiction or computer convention. What was it like? Would you go back? Did you meet any interesting people or see any interesting events?

Have you heard any pieces played by Martin Leung, the Video Game Pianist? What do you think of him?

Chinese Karaoke and how you too can have your own Pepsi commercial.

Squirrels in the attic, foxes in the yard.

David Copperfield convinced robbers he didn’t have any money, why didn’t he just make them disappear?

.MP3 player sunglasses.

March 2, 2006

I got my FiO .mp3 player sunglasses the other day from They look really good in this picture.

Unfortunately, in real life, they are incredibly geeky. And this is coming from an incredible geek! The problem is that the plastic ridge on the top is very thick. You could put duct tape on your horn rims and not quite capture the same freaky look. What’s more, the cords to the ear buds hang down like Hassidic curls. While there is certainly nothing wrong with that, it’s not the look I had in mind.

I doubt that I wear them much outside of running or attending anime conventions. And then, I am just going to embrace the geek look and wear my Ghost in the Shell T-shirt with it.   




Enya self-abuse.

January 30, 2006
So on a lark and kind of with a measure of an inclination toward self abuse, I put in Enya on the Pandora site and let it play. I figured it would just play Enya. How many other bands could be like that? Turns out there’s quite a few. 

It did play a fair amount of Enya, but it also played the following:

Haley Westenra
Jade Redd
This Mortal Coil
Secret Garden
Faith and the Muse
Mike Oldfield.

I might just have some brain damage from this, but I actually liked Faith and the Muse. This site is going to be the musical death of me.

Cool Music Recommendation Site.

January 29, 2006

I’m kind of late to the game on this as it has been out there for months now.  I found out about it on the woot forum, but it’s been discussed a lot.  Pandora is a music referral site.  You enter in a song or an artist and it will play songs similar in musical structure to it.

Pandora is stunningly awesome. It’s one of those open-mouth “wow” web experiences that makes you glad to live in these times.  Most of the times it gets it right.  You have to be open minded, though, based on its recommendations.  I have discovered that I am now a Shakira fan.  I’ve also found out that Incubus has at least one song I can listen to.  

The sound quality is very listenable too. This will help me a lot when I use my radio station feed capture software. The problem with that program is that you can capture thousands and thousands of songs, but it’s difficult to know what you like from the new stuff. By combining Pandora with this radio software, I now have a list of songs I can “mine” from radio collection. This, in turn, will help me buy cds.Computers make terrific “wheat from chaff” separators. I wonder if there is something like this for food or cars or clothing? If you like X, you’ll like Y. I know Amazon has it’s thing, but that hasn’t been a real wow sort of experience for me yet. It helps if the recommending web site doesn’t actually sell the product. A program that does this has to have a great deal of skill and integrity. It would be very easy, for example, to create software that simply parrots back the inventory that the business has to sell without regard to actual interest matching.

Pandora does actual matching better than any software or website I’ve seen to date.

I get my kicks above the waistline, Sunshine.

January 27, 2006

Why I have this lyric from the song “One night in Bangkok,” I have no idea. It’s a meme that entered my head a month or so ago. Maybe it’s trying to tell me something. Maybe it’s saying that as I hit the flaccid benchmark of middle age this year, I should take up new pursuits. To really follow the song, I should start studying chess and hanging out in coffee bars and playing the game with a timer. Chess isn’t really my bag, though. That’s not to mean that I can’t do Iris Murdoch. I can be a severed head with the best of them!

There are plenty of middle age pursuits to study. Reading, movie watching, computers. Hmmm, funny, but I’ve done those my whole life. Maybe I need to do more of them. Getting ones kicks mentally to me is just becoming lost in the universe of thought. It is embracing hours of contemplation. It is logically working through life and making peace with how you live your days. Mental kicks have their draw. It is less a siren song than a rocking lullaby. But it can be intense too. When I am seized by an idea, when I am so in the mental zone of resolving a metaphysical challenge in life, there is an enduring sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that is superior to all else. I suppose if I could cultivate that experience, I wouldn’t have any need for any lesser, physical expression. I would achieve the ideal.

Funny, though, when I’m playing computer games but lack the partner of a real life problem to solve, I get a similar feeling. It’s more solo focus, though. Contrasted with the mutuality and demands of actual existence, the computer game experience is merely cerebral self-gratification. Not that one should dismiss mental onanism out of hand, so to speak. That can be fun too.