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New Blog.

September 3, 2011

Not that anyone reads Mental Interface anymore, but I’m co-authoring a blog now with ksuflash about Makerbots in Ohio. Check it out.


June 18, 2011

I’ve talked about being a serial hobbyist here before. These days, I do art and 3d printing. I figured I would share a pic of my basement plastic factory.

On the Internet, Death is not forever.

June 11, 2011

Oh hai, it’s your old buddy Thaed, back from the dead. I had to come back here to delete the link to my moribund gamer podcast as I let the URL go and a furry site picked it up. How embarrassing.

In other news, Friday Night Party Line is back and being run by my friend and very skillful Sonic. He’s doing it about once a month and I actually missed a show. It feels pretty cool to collaborate with folks on something I started and watch it grow and morph into something else.

I may start to casually write here again. I’ve been so absorbed in Makerbots in the last 6 months, this might give me an outlet to discuss them. We’ll see.

Death of an alter-ego?

September 12, 2009

This blog has gone through some dead times before, but nothing like recently.  Most blogs don’t last.  This one I wrapped around my internet pseudonym and went with for years.  That alter-ego also produced two podcasts and had lots of fun on many internet forums.

Where is he now?

Last spring, a family member of mine had some heath problems that triggered a rather intense period of self evaluation.  As a result, I drastically changed how I spend my time.  I began to pursue new hobbies and interests and pretty much abandoned poor old Thaed and his blog and his one remaining podcast.

On days like today where I have bits of time not otherwise allocated I wonder if I couldn’t go back.  I doubt it.  Too much has changed.  I do miss many of my internet friends that I don’t get to talk to anymore because of FNPL’s dormancy.  Still, I doubt it will come back anytime soon.

So maybe this is the last blog post for Thaed or maybe not, but if you’re reading this, you must at least have wondered what happened.  Now you know.

Of hiatus and the broken brain.

March 6, 2009

In the many weeks that it has been that I have written here, real life has wholly absorbed my time. All creative energies have been spent keeping my meatspace presence a going concern. I often think about the blog and podcast but never find time and energy to work on them. FNPL 40 is in the can, but unedited.

The fact that I am writing these words gives me some hope that the tide is turning. But I have no idea if this is true. Time will tell.

Laptop Convertible.

November 30, 2008

As with a lot of ideas I have with video, this one sat in my brain for a few months.  Additionally, I had a few surprises.  Sometimes when I plan a project, what happens in reality is exactly what happened in my head.  In this project, that could not be further from the case.  I think that adds drama to the video.  It certainly created some consternation for me!  But I also got to learn an entirely new skill set in the process, so it was all good.

For your entertainment, I present Laptop Convertible:

Thaed’s Video Review of the Amazon Kindle.

October 26, 2008

I’ve reviewed the Kindle before, but I’ve always thought it would make a nice video.  So months after I wrote the original post, here’s the video:

Kindle: Amazon's Wireless Reading Device

Friday Night Party Line 34.

September 13, 2008

David, Scott, Rym & Thaed appeared tonight along with special guest Len from Jawbone Radio.  Here are the topics:

—Do people interact with their neighbors anymore?  Is is seasonal? Does the internet allow like minded people to seek each other out to a greater level of articulation than ever before?  Does that destroy the idea of local community?  Was there ever such a thing as local community?
—Cool robot videos!
How far away are we from having robots that do our household chores? What are the major hurdles remaining?  If you could have a multipurpose humanoid robot, what would you make it do?
—Creating artificial life
Is this something that is helpful to humans?  How far away are we from doing it?  Is there any real danger?
—Does Twitter just distract and annoy?
—Do kids need to take happiness lessons?
—Ask the Economist.  (please think of something to ask David about, if nothing else we’ll talk about Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae).

Sites where you can find more information about Scott, Rym and Len:

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Friday Night Party Line Episode 32.

August 16, 2008

David and newcomer Alex and Thaed are the hosts tonight.

Here are the topics:

–A scientist let the fire department in to put out an air conditioner and lost his home chem lab.
Should this have had a different outcome?  Why or why not?
–A 24 hour curfew in the United States?
The ACLU has threatened to sue.  Does it matter?  Is this an effective way to deal with crime and poverty?  If not, what should have happened?
–According to this article, humans are biased toward the beautiful:
Is this dampened by the internet where in theory, no one knows if you’re a dog?  Does beauty work its way into everything anyway? Should something be done about it?
–New Media Expo, SXSW, podcamps, barcamps, PAX do all of these conventions have any value?  Is social media in general overblown? Who is making money?
–Blogger lawsuits.  What should bloggers be sensitive to in order to avoid getting sued?

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Japanese Beetle Trap in Action.

July 6, 2008

You can’t see all the beetles in low-def, but there really were a lot!

Japenese Beetle Traps