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Thinking the car will stop.

January 31, 2009

Today, as I backed my van out of a parking space, a guy and his two kids ran right behind me.  Since I was being very careful, I did not hit them.  Just a few weeks earlier a guy in a parking lot did the same thing.  I didn’t hit him either.

My question is this: why do people tempt fate with vehicles that are backing up?  When I’m walking near someone backing up, I always assume the person cannot see me and I stay the hell away.  More often than not, the people who are backing up cannot see pedestrians or are perhaps not being as careful as they should be.

Part of defensive driving is believing that everyone around you is an idiot.  I just wish it did not have to be true all the time.  As much as I used to like video games, I really would rather not play a driving game with 6000 lbs. of steel and real flesh and bone.